For our rotor blades we have rediscovered a new material – wood. Now being available as a modern material – laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Material properties concerning damping and the fatigue stress outperform today’s glass fiber reinfoced plastics (GFRP). Combining this LVL with own manufacturing technology results in our PHI blades product.

By adding an amount of < 5% carbon fiber reinforced plastics our PHI blades are the economically and ecologically better choice compared to the commonly used GFRP blades.



Schematic diagram

PHI blades benefits

Price: We can offer prices significantly lower than today’s baldes from GFRP.
Quality: PHI blades do not suffer from the known quality issues but will last more than 25 years.
Small Batches: Even small batch productions are economically reasonable
Recycling: As far as we know, we are the only manufacturer that can offer an attractive recycling

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